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Voice and Singing Coaching

Do you want to develop as a singer in a playful and relaxed way?

Do you want to gain access to the full potential of your voice? 

Do you want to learn to sing or speak with greater confidence?


My name is Hanna and I work as a voice coach and singing teacher. 

I help you find, explore and express the amazing sounds that you and your voice can create!

Working with the voice is incredibly rewarding on so many levels. When we learn to relate to the voice in a playful, curious way, we notice how new opportunities open up, and suddenly things that previously felt difficult now feels exciting!

  • Getting access to a deep, warm sound that feels like a loving embrace? Wonderful!

  • Practicing your chest voice and head voice? Awesome!

  • Exploring the mix voice and learn to sing high notes with "twang"? So cool!

  • Singing with a timbre that vibrates throughout the room? Fantastic!

  • Explore new sounds? Fun!


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Voice tips

Become present in your body

Welcome the voice the way it is

Explore the voice by mimicking all kinds of sounds


Singing tips

Welcome a deep breathing

Relax your voice in between each phrase

Sing from your heart for as long as it feels comfortable 


When we begin to feel comfortable and strengthened by using and hearing our own voice, it helps us to feel comfortable, and strengthened, in our everyday lives. Every time we talk we can relax. Every time we sing we can create an empowered presence. Exploring the voice is, in other words, something that each of us can enjoy and benefit from, whether you are an experienced singer who wants to reach the next level or simply want to be able to talk with greater relaxation and self-confidence. 

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Voice lessons can mean so much more than learning how to sing great (even though that can be amazing too!)

For me as a voice coach, or singing teacher, or whatever you want to call it, it's about creating a space where you get access to more of who you are, so that you can express yourself and your unique gifts with more and more flow and ease.

Contact me if you feel ready to embark on the adventure of getting to know your unique voice!
Book a free introductory call or a first-try-out lesson to see what it's like to work with me:

"I'm so happy I'm taking singing lessons from you Hanna! It gives me so much on so many levels. Tootally amazing! Best I did this year :)"  

- Hilda Ekstedt, musician in the Swedish jazz punk duo "Glitterfittan"

Book singing and voice lessons

All my lessons are held online via Zoom, so we can work together no matter where you live.


  • 60 minute lesson

Individual lesson - EUR 65

5 lessons (to be used within 6 months) - EUR 285 (EUR 57 / lesson)

10 lessons (to be used within 6 months) - EUR 500 (EUR 50 / lesson)

  • 30 minute lesson


Individual lesson - EUR 36

Since I know the value of working together for a long period of time it is most affordable to buy 10 lessons. But to make you feel comfortable starting to work with me, I offer:


  • A 45 minute try-out lesson for the price of only EUR 30!


Here you get the opportunity to work with me and see if it feels right to invest in more lessons. If you get a taste of what's possible this is the offer for you!

Contact Hanna

This is where you contact me if you're interested in voice lessons:


Contact me to book a session, ask a question or share your thoughts by emailing me at:

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