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About Voice & Art

Hi! Welcome to my creative space in the world! 
My name is Hanna Grahm, and my goal is to inspire people to connect even more to their own creativity, playfulness and inner stability.

My business includes two areas:

  • Voice coaching: I help you gain access to more of yourself by exploring the full potential of your voice in a playful and relaxed way.

  • Watercolor art: I am an artist and illustrator who wants to spread color, joy and harmony through the marvelous medium of watercolor!

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Voice & Singing

Do you want to learn how to sing?

Do you want to be able to speak powerfully with ease?

Do you want to explore the full potential of your voice?


Watercolor  & Illustration

Do you want to decorate your walls with original art?

Do you have a photo that you want interpreted in watercolor?

Do you need illustrations for a project ?


Voice & Singing Coaching

I teach singing and voice technique based on the key words:​

  • playfulness
  • relaxation
  • empowerment

Singing can be absolutely fantastic when the voice, body and emotions all work together. You feel relaxed, free and alive - all emotions can be there and at the same time you are filled with a sense of presence and inner strength. You feel how the music, the sounds and the voice carry you - your usual self takes a break as something else takes over, something that feels really good.

I encourage my students to explore their voices with an open mind, and I marvel at what opens up when we create a space where the voice, creativity and inspiration flow freely!

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No matter where you are on your voice or singing journey, I will meet you there, and we will start working on whatever feels right for you.

"I'm so happy I'm taking singing lessons from you Hanna! It gives me so much on so many levels. Toootally amazing! Best thing I've done this year :)"  

- Hilda Ekstedt, musician in the Swedish jazz punk duo "Glitterfittan"

But now let's change our focus to something different:

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Watercolor - the love of my life

When I started painting, a whole new world opened up! A world that I get to explore and shape together with the atmospheric colors and unpredictable properties of watercolor. From my kitchen sofa I get to spend time with animals, nature and people and there are always new excursions to embark upon!
You are very welcome to join me and my paintings by taking a look!
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